Bingo Blitz transforms bingo into a real networking event on Facebook.

Bingo Blitz transforms bingo into a real networking event on Facebook.

Bingo Blitz is one of the latest kinds of Facebook gaming, as much about making users enjoy conventional games across the app as the normal aspects of virtual money, collectibles, and level of experience. In Bingo Blitz, players can use credits to buy up to four bingo cards and play them all at once in games the duration of which is determined by the total number of players. Once a certain number of players have reached a bingo, the game stops and everyone receives their winnings. Players can earn coins to use in the in-game store, credits to buy more items, and collectibles.

As every decent variant of a standard game on Facebook, Bingo Blitz introduces changes in rules and power-ups. Certain tiles on each card will immediately give you either a coin bonus or a treasure chest that players will unlock with keys. Players can earn any of the keys as prizes for playing rounds, or they can spend coins on them. Treasure chests can include bonus coins, credits, power-ups, or even collectibles that you would otherwise only get by completing a bingo in a given area. There are several venues available to play in Bingo Blitz, each named after a big world city and each selling a set of 12 special collectibles to win.

Bingo Blitz Best Room Ingredients

Using power-ups to bingo is about as weird as it sounds, so you need to keep track of when you should use the power-up. A meter in the upper right corner of the screen charges every time an announcer calls a number that you can match, normally complete when you have around three matches. Power-ups will fill random spaces on your card, generate more coins, and a variety of other helpful results. You must buy the ability to use a power-up while the meter is charged, or you must earn power-ups by opening treasure chests.

The nicest thing about playing Bingo Blitz is its similarity to playing the real bingo. In addition to the usual sounds and songs, Bingo Blitz actually has a caller who reads the numbers as they appear at the top of the board. Each area has a different caller, who usually speaks with a regionally acceptable accent. You can mute the caller if you want to, say, play while watching TV, even though this isn’t a perfect Facebook game for quick session-based play. It seems more meant for a dedication of around 20 or 30 minutes at a time.

At every level, there’s not anything wrong with Bingo Blitz. The game ran well during the test phase and had no problems with latency or disconnection. It’s disappointing that you can’t keep using the same card from one round to the next, as this typically makes it much easier to play several card sessions in real-life bingo. In Bingo Blitz, where you still need to keep track of the power-up meter, it would be helpful to be able to memorize the card. Even without that little touch, though, Bingo Blitz is always a perfect way to play bingo on Facebook.

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