Play the Blitz Bingo on Facebook

Bingo Blitz is one of the most powerful online gaming communities today. Here, we’re going to give you a rundown of How to Get Free Bingo Blitz Credits. You get to meet fellow bingo fans, win awesome freebies, and play bingo wherever, anywhere. But the most important question, like every game, is how to win? The solution is by free loans. We’ve gathered at least seven measures on how to get Blitz Free Bingo Credits. This time there’s never going to be any worry about getting credits.


1. Play the Blitz Bingo on Facebook.
So far, this is one of the best ways to get Blitz Free Bingo Credits. Bingo Blitz Credits can be earned in a number of gift ways from your users, and the nice news is that Facebook allows you access to your buddy list so that you can invite more people to play the game. The more people you ask, the higher your odds of having gifts! Invite and gain more bingo blitz credits right now.

2. Regular bonus on the Wheel of Fortune.
Earning free credits is as simple as signing into the game every day. When you open the game, you get a chance to turn the Wheel of Fortune to earn your daily rewards. These benefits come in the form of free loans or incentives. And if you’re lucky, you can win up to a million free credits.

3. It’s leveling up.
You will level up by winning Experience Points by dubbing squares on your bingo cards. Any new stage offers you access to new cities where you’re going on various adventures. If you’re in New York, Madrid, Sydney, London, or Hong Kong – any encounter offers you a chance to earn prizes in the form of credits, discounts, or keys. The highest level of Bingo Blitz is now level 120. The smaller the scale, the higher the reward.

  • When you buy bingo cards, you can find the keys that show on them. For a particular game, there is no limit on the chests you get.
  • Players would have access to a higher bonus and other spaces.
  • For each number you open on your bingo card, one experience point is available.
  • Learn quicker experience when you’re playing more games.
  • Players will make use of power-ups to help achieve bingo.
  • Get extra prizes and coins when opening a range of bingo cards.
  • Continuous play of the game can help you learn how bonuses work.

4. Set of Treasure Chests.
Each treasure chest includes a lot of rewards, including power-ups, new pieces, discounts and free credits. You will collect treasure chests by gathering Treasure Squares on your Bingo card or using Treasure Power-up. These chests are one available with keys, so make sure you’ve got any on hand.

5. Full the Array Sets.
When you’re playing Bingo Blitz, you’ll see a lot of Selection Items in the game from various cities. Twelve products from a range package. By completing a Collection Pack, you’ll get a few free credits: discounts, an average of 100 credits, and random prizes per collection game.

6. Go to Contests.
Quests are demanding and satisfying. When you finish your quest, you’ll be awarded with coins, keys and free credits.

7. Ask your teammates for support.
Bingo Blitz is one of the games that makes you part of an online culture. You’re going to make new friends who have the same passion in Bingo and gradually form a team. Your staff will provide help and assistance as you hit higher heights and require more credit. When you’re lost in a search, you can ask for more free credits from your teammates in the form of gifts they’re giving you through the app. You will still get your free credits for winning a weekly squad contest.

I’ve seen a lot of users having been the target of a bogus bingo blitz page reward. Please note that if it’s nice to be real, it’s actually not. Bingo blitz doesn’t give a huge amount of credits, but any time you see the scams, please stay away from the bogus sites. If you are confused about the problem of credits, please leave a ticket on the official Bingo Blitz website. Here you can meet them.

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